Whether you have followed the music of the Lesters for years – or you’re just finding out about us for the very first time – we are so glad you’re here. We hope you will take a few minutes and catch up on the latest news of what God is doing through this ministry around the country.

Simply put, we love music. . . and we love introducing others to Jesus Christ through our music and personal ministry. It’s a passion that began with our grandparents, Harvey and Opal Lester, in 1925. And it’s one that has endured to the third, fourth and fifth generations.

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In fact, this year our family is celebrating ninety-one wonderful years of sharing the Good News through Gospel music. And we’re more excited now than ever before!

One of our highest priorities is to remain real and relevant-never losing sight of the Message, but always challenging ourselves to elevate the sound and quality of our music in order to better reach today’s generation.
"I Still Believe" T-Shirt (Copyrighted)

"I Still Believe" T-Shirt (Copyrighted)



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